Webroot Window Washer

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Webroot Window Washer

For anyone concerned about what is left on their PC after using the Internet, Webroot Window Washer can set the mind at ease.

Window Washer wipes away all traces of past PC use. It not only removes Internet history, but also previously deleted files that may still have a presence on the hard disk. A quick cycle of Window Washer can:

• clear Internet history, address bar and cache

• delete selected cookies

• overwrite deleted files

• shred folders with one-click

• provide protection against deleting important files

• schedule washes

• clear unused disk space to ensure faster, smoother PC operation

• clean applications such as iTunes, Adobe Acrobat, Google Toolbar and Macromedia Flash Player

• securely erase whole hard disk

• work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and AOL

When using the Internet all sort of information gets left behind: history of sites visited, web addresses typed into the address bar, a cache of each page visited, cookies holding user information, chat logs…the list goes on. Window Washer will safely remove all of these files so no trace of online activity remains. Not only that, all of this information can slow down working, so cleaning the system makes the PC quicker and more efficient.

In trying to eliminate PC activity, it can be very easy to accidentally get rid of some important file the system needs to run properly. Window Washer provides protection against doing this whilst removing any incriminating information.

Likewise, whilst some Internet cookies might be from unsavory sources, others prove invaluable in remembering names and passwords for often visited sites. It’s easy to remove all the cookies in one go, but Window Washer allows selective cookie deletion so only the desired ones remain.

Simply deleting items from the system is not enough to remove them from the hard disk entirely. Free space can actually be full of unused files and bits of deleted files. Window Washer can overwrite this unused data with completely random information, making it worthless to anyone trying to get at it, and clean up these areas for better performance.

Window Washer is also capable of erasing the hard disk completely. Formatting and reinstalling the operating system may not destroy everything contained on the hard disk. Window Washer ensures nothing is left on a PC that might be going to a new owner.

For the most security conscious, it is not even necessary to make an effort to run Window Washer. Once installed, it can be set to wash at specified times, such as when the PC is booted up or shut down, or each time the browser is closed. Window Washer will also clean other applications. Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat, Real Player – they all store document histories of what’s been viewed and, sometimes, when it was viewed. Window Washer will empty these histories for a faster running application.

Minimum system requirements for Webroot Window Washer are not high. Even the most basic PC should be able to run it as long as it has:

• Windows 98 SE/2000/Me/XP

• 266 MHz CPU

• 5 MB hard drive space

• 64 MB RAM

Webroot Window Washer is available for download as a free trial. The full version costs $29.95 for a one year upgrade and support subscription.

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